15 Ways You Know You Have a Good Travel Mate

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After working abroad in London and traveling around the rest of Europe, I look back now and don’t think I could have spent that time with any other two people than my friends Liz and Krissy. Before I left home, I worried that we would drive each other crazy during our eight month stint abroad. Traveling with someone else or a couple of people is not an easy feat as no two people are exactly the same. They inevitably want to go in different directions. However, the three of us just clicked.

We had our good days and our bad days  but we stuck together no matter what and now have something that only we can share and look back on with complete and utter happiness and laughter. In a nutshell, here is what I discovered about the best kinds of travel mates:

1. She doesn’t judge you for how much you eat on the road but instead she is right there with you eating all that European goodness.

2. She lets you get frustrated when your bag is lost and customer service is not helping.

3. When you’ve had the worst day imaginable, she doesn’t care about the night out we planned but instead sits with you on the couch eating a pint of ice cream and watching a movie.

4. She wakes up in the morning to get you some orange juice when you are sick or buys you some saltines and 7Up when you’ve dealt with food poisoning all night long in the hostel.

5. You are completely silent with her on a train to the next city and it’s not awkward.

6. You can be honest with her even if it’s not positive and it’ll be okay. You get it out in the open and move on to the next day.

7. She’s there with you on Christmas morning when you are thousands of miles away from your family.

8. You can point out your bad travel habits to each other and help each other improve.

9. You don’t mind taking 100 pictures of her in front of the Parthenon until she gets the exact picture she wants.

10. She shows you where she studied abroad years ago and you feel you understand one of the best parts about her.

11. No matter how many months you’ve spent together, you always learn something new about her each day over dinner.

12. She doesn’t care what you look like in the morning after you’ve been on an overnight train.

13. When you’ve embarrassed yourself completely in front of the locals, she doesn’t laugh at you but with you. Well, maybe a little at you.

14. You know you don’t have to agree on everything and are okay with spending a day or night on one’s own. The best part is coming back to each other and sharing what you did.

15. After being together  every day for months and months, you still don’t want to say good-bye to her when it’s actually time to go home.

4 thoughts on “15 Ways You Know You Have a Good Travel Mate

  1. I’m secretly envious of your trip with friends. To be able to come home and discuss everything you got up too would be amazing. Travelling solo will mean all the friends I meet and see things with won’t follow me home.

    I still can’t wait to travel solo but that bond you build and the ability to talk about your trip at home will be a treasure.

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