An Irish Boxty For the Belly Is A Good Thing

Irish boxty
Courtesy of LWYang

The boxty. I think it’s Ireland’s answer to the French crepe. A warm potato pancake filled with whatever your stomach desires – lamb, chicken, cabbage, corn beef, or bacon – all wrapped tight and ready for you to break into.

I had never even heard of a boxty until I was in Dublin the night before St. Patrick’s Day. I was staying in a 20-person hostel room and some of my roommates and I decided to all go out to dinner together. When I walked into Gallagher’s Boxty House I felt like I was walking into a home with the wooden floors, brick fire-place, and framed pictures on the walls. The place was packed and yet with such a large group we were given a table right away. The menu is a little pricey so for my friends and I it was a one-time splurge but the Bacon & Cabbage Boxty I ate was worth the price. It tasted like a home-cooked meal that I hadn’t had in months. Gallagher’s also serves hearty stews and the normal fare such as fish and chips and bangers and mash but they serve a boxty that you just can’t get anywhere else.

This restaurant is right in the thick of the Temple Bar district, which is filled with restaurants and bars, so it is easy to go find a pub for after dinner drinks with friends.


8 thoughts on “An Irish Boxty For the Belly Is A Good Thing

  1. I was so happy to discover boxties when I was in Ireland! They were the best meals I ate while I was there. I’ve never, ever seen them in the States, though. Surely we have them somewhere.

    1. Hi Mark, most everyone that’s commented hasn’t heard of these before and I thought I was the only one. I’m pretty sure there is potato in the pancake though. It makes it taste even better. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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