Budget Hotel Review: Hotel Loeven, Copenhagen

I planned my trip to Stockholm and Copenhagen at the very last minute so while there were a couple hostels that I had my eye on for my stay in Copenhagen, availability was limited. Luckily, I found a great budget hotel, Hotel Loeven, and it was worth the little extra money and here’s why:

The Good

Location: Hotel Loeven is just a couple minutes walk from the Central Station which takes you to and from the airport. It’s also a 10 minute walk to downtown Copenhagen including to Tivoli and Stroget, Copenhagen’s main shopping district. I walked everywhere and never had to take the metro. There were also ample and delicious restaurants in the neighborhood like organic Biomio, Turkish Ankara, and Vietnamese LeLe Nha Hang.

Security: The hotel is in a very safe neighborhood with lots of clothing stores, restaurants, cafes, and businesses around so you are not isolated. Each visitor is given a key that lets them into the lobby front door and their personal bedrooms otherwise no one else can get into your hotel or room.

Cleanliness: The room and bathroom were spotless as were the communal kitchen and hallways. Hotel Loeven employs a maid to clean your bathroom every day resupplying you with fresh towels but they don’t touch anything else. Fresh sheets are given to you upon check-in.

Service: The best part about Hotel Loeven is the owner Liv. She is very friendly and we immediately started talking about our past travels and she would tell me stories about her time in London working as a nurse or her love of the Middle East. She is very accommodating to her guests, gives great suggestions for local restaurants, and pinpoints must-see attractions on a map for you as soon as you arrive.

Hotel Loeven

Hotel Loeven

The Bad

No Internet: Hotel Loeven advertised free Internet but it was no where to be found. I unplugged on this trip but needed to send emails home just to check in with family so it would have been convenient to have Internet in the hotel, however I did find an Internet cafe by the Central Station but only went by there once.

False advertising: Besides the fact that Internet was advertised when there was no Internet, breakfast, bar and cafe were also advertised on Hostel World’s site however these were missing as well. The kitchen is useful when you want to buy your own groceries and my room had a mini fridge too but don’t expect breakfast and if you want a cafe or bar there are options in the neighborhood but not in the lobby or communal areas.

Noise: This was pretty insignificant but my room was situated near check-in and the walls were thin so I could hear everything when new travelers arrived at the hotel. Other than that, I slept soundly through the night and didn’t hear anything else and that’s all I could ask for as I was out exploring town the whole day anyway.

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  1. Hi Andrew, yes I did redesign a little bit. I thought it needed a change. The hotel was great and the lack of internet and breakfast didn’t bother me but I was expecting it since it was advertised.

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