Capture the Colour

Christine Gilbert posted about the Capture the Colour contest put on by Travel Supermarket and I wanted to enter immediately. It’s a travel photography contest asking bloggers to post their five favorite travel photos according to the colors blue, green, yellow, white, and red. Judges will choose the best entries to win the grand prize of $3100 and the new iPad. The deadline for entries is August 29th and be sure to make your post known on Twitter and Facebook before then. Read to the end of this post to see who I nominated to join the contest and read more about the Capture the Colour contest to learn how to be eligible to win.


Serpentine Lake

My travel mates, Liz and Krissy, are doing the leg work on this paddle boat in Hyde Park in London. This photo was taken on one of our last days in the iconic city after eight months of working in London and traveling around Europe. We spent every day of those eight months together and ended up not killing each other but liking each other more – a big indicator of true friendship.


Hampton Court Palace

Working in London during the week meant my weekends could be spent outside the bustling city visiting Oxford, York, Brighton, and more. This photo was taken in the gardens of Hampton Court Palace. I fell in love with this photo not only because it’s beautiful but because it made me want to be more conscious of how I take my travel photos and make sure to capture everything or anyone I encountered in their best light.


Skeppsholmen bridge

After a three-year hiatus from traveling internationally, I had almost forgotten just how beautiful a new city can be to explore. This was taken in Stockholm on the bridge to Skeppsholmen island. Stockholm is crazy gorgeous and easily walkable and I loved exploring all the unique islands and neighborhoods.


Ile de Frioul

Ile de Frioul is one of my best-kept travel secrets. This island off the coast of Marseille does not have any tourist attractions save for a few cafes. My friends and I spent half the day just taking a walk around the quiet and desolate island. The ambiance made the place memorable and proved to me that travel doesn’t have to be about seeing the big and flashy but enjoying the simple and unexpected.



Kastellet in Copenhagen was hands-down my favorite thing to see in the city. This was taken during my first solo trip so I was able to take advantage of the fact that I could walk through the park at my own pace or even lay down and sunbathe for a while if I wanted to without any pressure to see and do everything. It didn’t hurt that the weather was sunny and warm either.

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