Book Review: Almost French

Almost French

My aunt passed me this book after she finished reading it and only described it as a book about a girl who meets a French guy and moves to Paris to be with him. I wasn’t that interested because it sounded like a boring cliche but who am I to turn down a free book and one set in France? However, this book really surprised me and I would read huge chunks of it at a time and feel like only a few minutes had passed.

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Book Review: My First New York

My First New York

Currently reading My First New York. Adapted from a New York Magazine cover story, various actors, artists, writers, political figures, comedians, and chefs share their first experiences of living in New York City from the 1930s to the present day. I’ve always played with the idea of moving to New York, even if only just for a year, just to have the experience and say I did it but I don’t know if a California girl like me could handle the Big Apple.

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