The Weather on a Day in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

I remember what the weather was like on the first day we explored Lisbon. It was the first city we came to where we didn’t have to wear coats, scarves, and mittens so we promptly donated them and were happy to wear three quarter sleeve shirts. It was so warm, I started to sweat in my arm pits and had to tie my hair up into a ballerina bun so my brunette locks wouldn’t get sticky and wet.

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Taking the Same Photo Twice

Eiffel Tower

It’s so easy to spot a tourist in San Francisco. Especially in the summer months when it’s not really summer. Tourists are the ones who are wearing t-shirts and shorts and flip flops when it’s 50 or 60 degrees outside and the fog is everywhere and brings a light mist and rain. They also have really big cameras that hang around their necks. I can’t blame them for bringing the camera though because that’s what I do when I visit a new city. I’m snap-happy and take photos of everything.

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