Apple Hill and Why Girls Love Fall

apple hill
My friends and I were driving back from Placerville this weekend where we had spent the day in Apple Hill. To keep us occupied on the two and a half hour drive back to San Francisco, we listened to comedian Iliza Shlesinger’s stand up bit about girls loving fall. Have you seen it? It’s hilarious because it is so true. Girls love the leaves, wearing boots and coats, and pumpkin everything.  And the fact that us girls had just spent an entire day in Apple Hill, the epitome of fall, made us the exact people Iliza was making fun of but I don’t care. Apple Hill was gorgeous and smelled heavenly and reminded me why I love this cozy, festive season.

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Eating Our Way Through Pescadero and Half Moon Bay


My best friend Dee and I like to say we have been friends “since the womb.” Our older brother and sister were in grade school together so our Moms knew each other when they were pregnant with us and we’ve known each other since kindergarten. So it’s a bit of an understatement to say we’ve been friends for a while. It’s a rarity to have a friend for that long and you would think we would be bored of each other by now but not so. We don’t need to do or say a whole lot to have fun together. We do like to eat and go to new places so for her 30th birthday recently we were perfectly happy eating our way through Pescadero and Half Moon Bay.
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Book Review: I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

courtney maum

Over the last few months, I’ve read a handful of memoirs and contemporary fiction where travel and locales play a major role in the story. So I’ll have some book reviews to come that I think are great armchair travel reads – the perfect remedy to satiate your wanderlust when you can’t exactly leave town. First up is I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You by Courtney Maum.

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Learning iPhone Photography

Mt. Tamalpais
Photo courtesy of @michiesharine

Ever since I started traveling I’ve been conscious and fascinated by photography. I like getting creative with how I take my photos by placing the camera at a unique angle or capturing people or objects in a perfect moment. I always feel satisfaction after taking a shot I find beautiful and I love the times when I look back at photos I took and can remember everything about that moment or day of adventure and exploration.

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How to Keep Your Travel Blog Running When You’re Not Traveling

2011 is going to be a busy year for me what with a full-time job and part-time grad school. It’s a struggle to fit time in for travel and keep this blog updated and just when I think it is all too much, I think of Monica Wong from A Pair of Panties and Boxers. This girl does it all and still manages to put forth an amazing travel blog. She is the perfect candidate to give some prime advice on how to keep your blog going during the chaos and deliver quality travel posts to the masses.

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Writing Out of Order

I am in the process of putting all my travel photos into albums and I have realized that I am extremely anal about it. It all has to be in chronological order from my very first night in London to the moment I landed back home in San Francisco. While I remember the exact order of my time in London and my two month trip around Europe, I now feel the need to read through my journals to make sure I have all the pictures organized along the correct time line. When I first thought of doing this, I said to my self, “You are such a freak.” Then I remembered that Carrie Bradshaw once said that “You gotta let your freak flag fly.” I saw my compulsiveness as a good opportunity to read my journals again so I could find a good story to write about.

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