Culture Club: Afternoon Tea at the Rotunda at Neiman Marcus

The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus

I forget how Culture Club started but my friends and I have kept it going not only to become a little bit more worldly but also to make sure that we see each other on the regular.

A culture club event can be anything from a trip to the San Francisco Ballet, an exhibit at the De Young Museum, or a Frenchie night where we sip wine and eat cheese while watching Midnight in Paris. We’ve even gone so far as to have a “guys’ night” where we order pizza, sit on the couch in our sweatpants, and watch a bromance like “I Love You Man.” That’s guy culture, right?

Last year, we slacked off on our culture club dates. All of us got so busy with work, travel, apartment moves, wedding planning, etc. that we couldn’t find the time to spend together. But 2015 is the year of the culture club and we decided to establish the first Saturday or Sunday of every month as Culture Club day. With a set day, we can guarantee that we’ll do something together for whoever can make it. I hope to share more of our Culture Club adventures here on Traveling Between.

To celebrate our friend Hilary’s wedding last fall we wanted to do something special so we all met at The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus for their afternoon tea. You really shouldn’t come hungry to this tea. We each ordered the Signature Tea ($35) which comes with a pot of tea of your choosing, four different types of sandwiches including salmon and cucumber and cream cheese, a scone with cream and jam, and a variety of tarts and cakes for dessert. We were filled to capacity by the end of it.

Rotunda at Neiman Marcus

It is more expensive than some of the other teas that I’ve been to in San Francisco but this is Neiman Marcus so you’re also paying for the great service and the view from the top-floor. The glass ceiling is beautiful especially as it gets dark towards the end of the afternoon and everything just kind of glows. Culture Club should know because we were the last table to leave the Rotunda. We had so much fun catching up with each other and planning our future get-togethers!


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