Doing Everything vs. Doing Nothing When We Travel

One of the biggest lessons I learned while traveling solo is that I don’t have to see every museum, palace, or other such major attraction when I visit a new city. Previously, when I traveled with friends we usually crammed in as much sight seeing as we possibly could into a span of three or four days and this was okay in that situation. We moved through 15 countries and 9 months and had the time of our lives and we were lucky to see as much of Europe as we did.

However, since traveling solo for the first time my philosophy on touring a town has changed. I didn’t do everything in Stockholm and Copenhagen not only because there just wasn’t enough time but also because I wanted to take my time and only see the attractions I really cared about like the Fotografiska in Stockholm and the Kastellet in Copenhagen. And the nice thing about solo travel is that you can make up your own schedule and change it at the drop of a hat so if I wanted to take a break in a cafe or a park with the locals, I did that instead of rushing around from site to site with the tourists.

I’m glad I’ve experienced both methods of travel but I have to say some of my favorite photos from my Scandinavian adventure are those of myself and others doing absolutely nothing, beautiful nothing.

Kingstradgarden Stockholm
Sunbathing in Kingstradgarden


A man reading on Skeppsholmen


Relaxing after a BBQ
Doggy in the window in Sodermalm
Taking a seat in Copenhagen
The Black Diamond
Coffee break at The Black Diamond in Copenhagen
Dangling feet on Nyhavn
Mother and child relaxing in Kastellet in Copenhagen
DSC01054 (600 x 450)
Lying in the grass in Kastellet
Fredericksberg Have
Sunbathers in Fredericksberg Have
Rosenborg Slot
Under the willows at Rosenborg Slot



7 thoughts on “Doing Everything vs. Doing Nothing When We Travel

  1. You pretty much summed up why I love travelling alone! I don’t really understand “checklists” because of that, but I guess if you are used to travelling with a group, by the time everyone lists everywhere they want to see, you’ve covered the whole list:-).

    Great pictures too!!

    1. I’m so glad I gave traveling solo a chance. I loved traveling with my friends but I see the benefits of going alone now so I can make my own schedule. Thanks! I’m glad you liked the post!

  2. I agree, sightseeing is important of course, you always need to know the history of a place, but also relaxing is, as slow travel is what most makes you enjoy and understand the society you are visiting. My first time in India I traveled so fast, visiting some 6 cities in 10 days with 7 hours drive each time from a city to another. Sure I enjoyed the trip, but I went so fast that I remember only the explanations for the main palaces I saw, and my biggest regret is that I couldn’t manage to interact more with locals.

    1. Yes, I agree that things can happen so fast that you feel guilty missing things. A big reason that I journal when I travel is because I don’t want to forget anything and this time around I wrote a lot about lazy hours sitting in the park which was nice. India must have been a whirlwind!

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