Hostel Review: City Lodge Stockholm

Hostel City Lodge Stockholm

I hadn’t stayed in a hostel in a few years so I was looking forward to City Lodge Stockholm mainly because I was eager to meet travelers from around the world. City Lodge was great and I would stay there again and here is my take on the good and the bad of this Stockholm hostel:

The Good

Location: The hostel is in the best spot possible. It’s a two minute walk from the Arlanda Express station which makes getting to and from the airport a cinch. It’s also a block away from Drottninggattan which is a main shopping and restaurant district in Stockholm. I avoided this street at all costs as it was really crowded and touristy but it is an easy route to T-Centralen (the hub of Stockholm’s metro system) and to Gamla stan, or Old Town.

Security: As a female traveling solo, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t staying in some shady place. City Lodge Stockholm has door codes for the outermost door, lobby door, and room door that are enforced at night and the codes change every night (you are given a tiny booklet when you check-in that has all the codes for your stay).

Cleanliness: All of the bathrooms are communal as is the kitchen and the hostel kept everything very clean. Individual food and drink could be stored in the kitchen and guests were encouraged to clean up after themselves which they did.

Quiet: I like meeting people in hostels and hanging out with them but sometimes quiet is necessary when you travel if you’ve been walking around all day and are exhausted. City Lodge Stockholm enforces quiet hours starting at 11pm and encourages all those who want to party to do so somewhere else. I didn’t have a problem with that rule as I went out with my friend for as long as I wanted and when I wanted to get some sleep, I came back to the hostel.

Free Internet: I unplugged while in Scandinavia but in order to keep my mother sane, City Lodge had free Internet all day long so that I could send an email or two home to let family know I was okay. I could avoid expensive Internet cafes and it was pretty convenient too when I needed an address of a restaurant before going out for the day or night.

Hostel City Lodge Stockholm

The Bad

The Beds: No bed bugs or anything like that but the beds were plain uncomfortable and really thin and creaked at every possible movement. After six nights, I couldn’t wait for my budget hotel and big comfy bed in Copenhagen.

The Room: Since City Lodge Stockholm is below ground there are no windows in the room and the room can get pretty hot. I only stayed in my room to sleep though so it wasn’t a major inconvenience.

Hostel City Lodge Stockholm

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