How Should I Feed My Wanderlust?


It has been two years since my first big adventure and in those two years I have been working in San Francisco. I have been saving lots of money living at home all the while rediscovering this city that always has something new to offer. However, things don’t feel quite right and in the back of my mind I have a deep wanderlust to go back to Europe one way or another. Then I read Robyn Crispe’s article on the Matador Network titled “What Happens When We’re Not Traveling?” and my thoughts of going somewhere new have been pushed to the forefront of my  mind.

I have most of the same feelings expressed in this article. I enjoy my job because I am working in a field that I want to pursue – book publishing – and this blog has given me the opportunity to pursue my new passion of a travel writing career. Yet I can only write my stories from my first trip or take short jaunts to Southern California for so long. I want another long trip. So many possibilities are racing through my head from working abroad again and teaching English or volunteering to applying for a masters in publishing or creative writing in a foreign country. I just have a feeling that I am going to make a big decision this year somewhere along these lines.

For now, I know that I want to use my vacation time from work and go somewhere new for a week or two to smaller towns in France and Italy or somewhere completely different with a friend or just by my self. I am not sure of the specifics yet and will figure it out within the month but I need to recharge my batteries. Maybe this will be enough or maybe I will realize that I am getting to the point where I need a change and I know that I should make that change soon while I’m young enough to do it.

What do you do when you’re not traveling? How do you think I should feed my wanderlust?


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  1. When I’m not traveling, I’m generally making travel plans for future trips. Researching, discussing with friends, etc. Look for new destinations and imagine the possibilities!

    1. Hi Keith, that is definitely what I am doing right now. I have so many options on my mind and talking to the travel community through the blogs and twitter helps a bunch!

  2. I, like Keith, keep making travel plans when I’m not travelling. Plus, as you suggested, I work abroad. Apart from my hometown, I’ve lived in other two countries because if I really want to get under the skin of a place I feel I need to spend more than just a holiday there.
    Right now, I’m tired of Europe, and I’m all busy trying to get myself some visa to live in some Asian countries. I love the thrill of moving somewhere different from my culture and discovering it little by little!
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..Off to France, by boat! =-.

    1. Hi Angela, that’s great that you have moved around that much. I feel like I always need a change myself. What other countries have you worked abroad in? How did you go about getting visas? Was it difficult?

  3. When I’m not traveling, I day dream about traveling. I start planning for my next trip, even if it’s months away. Or I take a short trip here and there. If I have 3 days off, I’ll find a place to go for a weekend get away. If I have the travel bug real bad, I’ll take a Monday or Friday off.

    Sometimes, for me, traveling isn’t always about getting on a plane but it’s more about getting out of my comfort zone. Explore a part of the city you’ve never been to. Visit the countryside. Get in your car and just drive. Don’t worry about where you’re going. Just drive and stop where ever you feel like it.

    1. Hey Monica, I am definitely planning some trips for this year – some far and some close by like Napa and L.A. It gives me something to look forward to. I know you are planning for grad school but do you have any upcoming trips?

  4. When I’m not traveling, I’m making plans for my next trip and also budgeting so I can travel further once I go. I think that being a budget traveler has to encompass your life even when you’re not traveling.

    I agree with Monica as well. Think of ways you can travel without leaving your country, your state, or even your city. Traveling is about discovering new things, and there is always something new to be discovered.
    .-= Matt´s last blog ..Franz Josef New Zealand Travel Video =-.

    1. Hi Matt, I agree with you and Monica. I am always discovering something new in San Francisco but I am also planning trips abroad and within California as well like I mentioned to Monica. Any trips coming up for you? Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Hi Joya,

    so far I’ve only worked and lived in Ireland and the UK (and Italy which is my hometown!). Since I’m a EU citizen I don’t need a visa within Europe, but now that I’m trying to move to China for a year or so, I’ll be applying for a student visa, because I want to go to college to study Chinese. I hope they’ll accept my application otherwise I’ll just stay within my tourist visa.

    After China I’d like to spend some time in the Middle East, travelling around, and I’ll be thinking about visas for there too. It’s quite a pain, I hate visas and applications, but what can we do? They won’t stop me from travelling though 😉
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..In Provence, wandering the streets of a ghost town =-.

    1. Hi Angela, I have worked in the UK too and it was such a great experience. You are lucky that you are a EU citizen because it is very hard for Americans to work abroad. I would need a sponsorship and lots of paperwork. Good luck with a tourist visa for China. That will be a unique experience because not a lot of people do that and pay more attention to European countries. My family is from Lebanon in the Middle East so I would highly recommend Beirut because it is a beautiful city and there is lots to do.

    1. Good luck with studying Arabic! It is such a hard language to learn. I am trying to learn little by little because I didn’t grow up with it being spoken in my house but my relatives speak it all the time around me and I try to pick up what I can.

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