Learning iPhone Photography

Mt. Tamalpais
Photo courtesy of @michiesharine

Ever since I started traveling I’ve been conscious and fascinated by photography. I like getting creative with how I take my photos by placing the camera at a unique angle or capturing people or objects in a perfect moment. I always feel satisfaction after taking a shot I find beautiful and I love the times when I look back at photos I took and can remember everything about that moment or day of adventure and exploration.

I am a complete amateur and only carry a small Sony digital camera but photography is still a complete joy and hobby for me. I am also completely obsessed with Instagram and taking photos on my iPhone  and one of my goals this year was to take a photography class. After a quick Google search, I found an iPhone photography workshop offered at The Image Flow, a photography center in Mill Valley. Compared to the other  places I researched, The Image Flow seemed to offer the most for my money and the teacher’s Instagram photos (check out her profile on Instagram: @michiesharine) alone convinced me that this was the workshop for me.

The workshop was broken down into three classes, the first reviewing the basics of iPhone photography including composition, lighting, exposure, and different editing apps and their functionality. In the second class, we watched a slideshow of hundreds of Instagram photos to analyze and get some inspiration before we headed out to Mt. Tamalpais for a photo walk (my teacher took the above photo with me as her model!). During our third class, each student got to share two photos he or she took during the photo walk and the teacher gave  advice for how to improve each person’s photos. The class size was only ten people so everyone had a chance to ask questions and also receive one on one time with the teacher to learn as much as possible. At the end of the workshop we also received a list of popular photographers to follow on Instagram and a list of spots around the Bay Area good for photo opportunities.

I am so glad I took the class because I left more inspired to shoot the places around me as well as of far off destinations like Bologna and Paris, which I visited just a few weeks after the workshop. My photography is a work in progress and always will be but I love seeing myself improve with every photo I take. I’m also continuing to learn about iPhone photography by following the iPhone Photography School for additional tips and techniques.

If you’re interested in improving your iPhone photography, The Image Flow is offering another workshop this summer.



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