Must-Try Desserts in Sydney

Lamington cake
Lamington cakes

I have a big sweet tooth – like big. It’s hereditary so I’ve accepted it. In San Francisco, I am always updating a list of patisseries or bakeries that I need to try and when I travel I rarely window shop for clothes – I window shop for sweets and indulge myself whenever I feel like it. When I was researching places to eat in Sydney beforehand, there were a couple treats I had to try and a couple I discovered while in town and they were all amazing:

Lamington is a classic Australian cake that is a sponge cake dipped in chocolate and coconut. I learned about it on, a great resource for planning a trip, and went to Flour & Stone Bakery to purchase some.

Gelato Messina is a place I couldn’t avoid even if I tried. The name of Australia’s favorite gelateria always popped up on Twitter so I knew I had to seek it out. I loved my salted caramel and white chocolate and hazelnut ice creams. A perfect pre-dinner snack, or dinner, whatever.

Patisserie Schwartz is in Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains but their chocolate croissant is worth the trek. I hurriedly grabbed some for my friend Sasha and I before we raced to our train back to Sydney. I just couldn’t leave without going to this famous patisserie and my croissant  satisfied my afternoon sugar craving.

Adriano Zumbo was my final sweet stop in Sydney. Zumbo is a Top Chef Australian winner and I was instantly intrigued by his “Eric is Bananaman” on the menu. It has chocobanana mousse, lemon and banana creme, flourless chocolate cake, caramelised almonds, and salted dark caramel plaques. WHAT?!! In the words of Giuliana Rancic, it was “amaze-balls.” I went to the one in Manly Beach, but there are a few other locations too.

I don’t really care how many calories are in whatever because I like to enjoy myself, especially when I travel. And I do so much walking anyway when I’m in a new city so it all sorts itself out in the end. I give you permission to do the same.

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