My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets

Our travel secrets. Whether they be a place, person, or thing, we are willing to share them with others because we want them to enjoy these secrets as much as we did. Tripbase has asked travel writers to share their 3 best kept travel secrets. A chain reaction has started revolving around this project with writers tagging writers and thanks to Suzy Guese for tagging me. I hope you enjoy my 3 secrets because they all hold a special place in my heart for one reason or another.

1. Hamish the Cow

Hamish the Cow

Hamish is actually one of Scotland’s biggest celebrities so he may not be that much of a secret. Almost any tour you take in the Scottish Highlands will make a stop in Killmahog to visit Hamish and feed him some carrots. He’s big, harry, and basically just sits there in the rain, sleet, hail and whatever other weather Scotland decides to throw at him. What’s not to love?

2. Ile de Frioul

Ile de Frioul

My friends and I were in Marseille for a couple days and weren’t sure what to do in town. We went down to the harbor, the center of town, and bought a ticket for a boat ride to Ile de Frioul. The island was very quiet and so we felt like the only 3 people exploring its many paths up hills and into hidden coves. It was our own private adventure and it was a beautiful way to spend a few hours in the south of France.

3. Big Bite

fish and chips
Courtesy of Mats Hogwall

The most amazing chips in London! You know, not Frito lays chips but french fries chips. I’m pretty sure not that many people know about my favorite chips shop because it is a half hour tube ride out of central London, located right next to the Willesden Green tube station. Lucky for me and my house mates it was right up the street from our house and it was a regular stop on a lazy weekend or on the way home from a night out. Just go in, ask for your chips, and expect a huge paper cone stuffed with piping hot chips and you can douse them  with bottles of salt and vinegar sitting on the counter for customers. It’s practically a meal and a comfort food that never grows old.

Start thinking of your own travel secrets because you never know if you will get tagged next!

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    1. Haha, I didn’t get to feel the sliminess because just as I was about to feed him a carrot it started pouring down rain so I just had to throw it over the gate and run for the bus!

    1. The island was definitely quite and it made it that more beautiful. Hamish is quite the celebrity! Everybody should get to see him once!

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