New York Eats in February 2015

Last week I went to New York for work with a little bit of fear because I’m a big California wimp when it comes to freezing east coast weather. However, one thing I always look forward to when I go to the Big Apple is trying new restaurants. I keep a running list of places I want to try and you can check out some of them on my Afar trip plan. Here are the places I ate at during my trip last week.


I saw a lot of delicious photos on Instagram of the French bistro food at Buvette. After my red-eye flight I was very much looking forward to having a good hearty and warm breakfast here while I waited for my hotel room to be ready. I ordered a bowl of lentils and kale topped with a poached egg that came with a slice of buttery garlic toast. It was so tasty and filling and hit the spot. I also had a side bowl of fresh raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries and a cup of green tea with lemon. Because I was killing some time, I lingered at my seat at the bar. The waiters were really friendly and gave me and the girl sitting next to me a complimentary plate of croissants to share which were perfectly crisp. I know the restaurant has a cookbook which I’m tempted to buy so I can eat their dishes whenever I like!

buvette eggs

buvette berries

Tenth Avenue Cookshop

After a little nap at my hotel, I reunited with my friend Caitie and we went to Cookshop for dinner. All my co-workers had been raving about this place so I knew we had to try it. We split the roasted carrot salad with farro and parsnip-pear purree which was so good I ate it so fast before I could take a picture. I then ate roasted chicken with roasted squash, pear, brussel sprouts and onions while Caitie had the duck. The chicken was cooked perfectly and wasn’t dry at all. I can always count on Caitie to split dessert with me and we had the carrot cake sundae which was basically pieces of carrot cake with cheesecake ice cream and cinnamon whip cream – a dessert I am still thinking about. I heard brunch at Cookshop is amazing and I would definitely go back for that when the weather is better.

cookshop chicken

cookshop duck

cookshop dessert

Two Hands

One of my work meetings was in Soho and I had a couple hours to kill before then so I was more than happy that Two Hands was near by. This was another cafe that I kept seeing photos of on Instagram and photos of their avo toast in particular looked especially appealing to me. The Australian-owned cafe serves really good coffee and healthy breakfast items as well as sandwiches, soups, and salads for lunch. I just had to go for the avo toast with sides of chorizo and roasted tomatoes and a flat white (an Australian invented coffee similar to a cappuccino or latte). It was an especially cold day in New York so I really enjoyed my time here and would love to come back to try their smoothies for breakfast.

two hands nyc

I also went to famed restaurant ABC Kitchen for dinner and it lived up to the hype. Caitie and I had roasted kabocha squash (my favorite thing I ate there), roast carrot and avocado salad, the akaushi cheesburger and pan seared diver scallops, and caramelized apple pie with maple pecan ice cream for dessert. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap any photos not only because I ate everything so fast but also because it was really dark inside and I couldn’t get the flash to work just right but the ambiance and decor are lovely!

My last night in New York I met my cousin Ralph and some of his friends at Westville. It was casual and bustling and a really fun place for a Friday night after work. This place has it all and focuses on fresh, quality food rather than fancy schmancy food. You can order meat, poultry, and seafood or hot dogs and burgers and they have a menu dedicated to market vegetables so I ordered the lemon grilled asparagus with parmesan and the butternut squash to go with my grilled salmon. The table shared a pitcher of beer and grilled oyster mushrooms. I am definitely recommending this place to Caitie!

Do you have any restaurant recommendations for New York?



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