New York Eats in May 2015

Flatiron building

So May was a busy month for eating. After my trips to Italy (which I have yet to write about), Texas, and most recently New York, I’m scaling back on the food and indulging in some exercise but if you know me I definitely don’t deprive myself of the sweets! The last week of the month I went to New York again for work but this time my cousin joined me. This was her first trip to New York so she got to play tourist during the day while I worked and then we would meet up for breakfasts or dinners. I also got to visit with my good friend from college and my other cousin and the weather was pretty good. We were spared from the rain and we dined. Here are all the delicious things I ate.

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I always go to Shake Shack when I go to New York so it was necessary my cousin Rima try their burgers for the first time. Conveniently, our hotel was just down the street from the Madison Square Park location. We’re not used to warm nights in San Francisco so it was nice to sit at a table in the park and enjoy our dinner.

buvette new york
Poached egg on top of fava beans, peas, and spinach

The next morning we went to Buvette for breakfast in the West Village. I came here in February but Rima loves French cafes and I love the food and ambiance so I definitely did not mind going back again. The menu was a little different this time so I was able to try something new.

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That night we met our other cousin Ralph for dinner at P.J. Clarke’s. I do not recommend the food but if you go to their location on the Hudson, the view like the one above more than makes up for your meal.

IMG_3003 (450 x 600)

Before going to work the next morning, I had breakfast at Birch Coffee. Their iced coffee was perfect and while I was hoping to get some granola and yogurt they were already out by the time I got there which was 8am! The apple carrot muffin I ate though did not disappoint and the place filled up really quickly once I sat down.

meatball shop new york
My meatballs with classic tomato sauce

A couple of my co-workers raved about The Meatball Shop and it was on my list for a while. Rima and I went to their Chelsea location for dinner and it was really good and very inexpensive! You can order any type of meatballs you like with a sauce of your choice and either add sides of pasta, veggies, or salads, or have the meatballs served on top of your choice of side. Or you can order meatballs in sliders or sandwiches.

meatball shop new york

In an attempt to eat healthy while traveling, I ordered a side of roasted asparagus and almonds which was pretty good except there were some asparagus stalks that I think were overcooked because I couldn’t chew them at all.

Nutella Bar eataly

I was tempted to order one of the ice cream sandwiches at The Meatball Shop but Rima and I knew we wanted to go to Eataly for dessert because they opened up a Nutella Bar! We must have gone in to Eataly three or four times during the week. If you haven’t visited there yet you should. It is an Italian supermarket that has everything delicious you could possibly think of and you could easily spend hours in there eating and shopping and eating again.

Nutella crepe eataly

The Nutella Bar inside Eataly serves nutella gelato, nutella iced coffee, and of course nutella crepes among many other things. Rima and I bought nutella crepes, one with bananas and another with berries.  Oh so warm, gooey, and perfect.

Nutella Bar Eataly

Clinton Street Baking Company

The next morning, we went to breakfast at Clinton Street Baking Company in the East Village. This place was a priority for me because I had heard so many good things about it. We went early to avoid a line and it’s a good thing that we did because we got a table right away and soon after we sat down, a line started forming outside. We got lucky! We both ordered the Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich that comes with eggs, cheese, bacon, tomato sauce, and a side of hash browns. The biscuit was incredible – so soft and didn’t break apart at all. If I wasn’t so full from breakfast, I would have ordered something from the bakery to go. I definitely want to come back to try their famous pancakes.

Rosemary's nyc

That night, I met my friend Caitie for dinner at Rosemary’s in the West Village. It was a packed restaurant with a lot of people standing at the bar for after-work drinks. We shared a plate of the Caprese Focaccia with tomato, mozzarella, and basil which was so delicious. I was starving.

Rosemary's nyc

For my main dish, I ordered the orecchiette pasta with broccoli rabe and homemade sausage. I liked that it wasn’t a super huge portion or greasy and oily but just right. I finished most of it which is rare with pasta dishes or maybe I just was really hungry.

Big Gay Ice Cream shop

Caitie and I decided to pass on dessert at Rosemary’s and I wanted to walk around the neighborhood a bit and see what dessert we could find. Luckily, the Big Gay Ice Cream shop was nearby! I first heard about them on TV years ago and have always wanted to try their ice cream so I was really glad to cross this place off my list. Plus, Anthony Bourdain loves them and wrote the foreword for the shop’s new cookbook so that’s reason enough to go.

They have flavors called “The Salty Pimp” and “Bea Arthur” (for all you Golden Girls fans) and you can also order shakes, ice cream sandwiches, and coffee. I chose a treat with rocky road, which I don’t think is regularly on the menu, and it was so big I needed a plate so you know it was good. I stood outside the shop and ate almost everything as I people watched.

IMG_3013 (450 x 600)

On my last morning in New York, I finally got to go to the Doughnut Plant for what else? Doughnuts. Not only was my hotel close to Shake Shack and Eataly, but it was also only a couple blocks away from the Doughnut Plant’s Chelsea location. I really know how to pick my hotels. Along with seasonal flavors like strawberry and coconut lime, they have other ones like peanut butter and jam, wild blueberry, and valhrona chocolate. I got the carrot cake and coffee cake doughnuts, (yes two doughnuts, don’t judge me) and an iced coffee.  I went at 8am and thought it would be crowded but that was not the case at all. So I got to sit down and enjoy every bite and the wait was worth it. They are sweet and filling so two is my max unless I share a dozen with friends. But that’s for another trip.

Doughnut plant



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