Photo Walk at the Sutro Baths

sutro baths

I don’t remember the last time I went to the Sutro Baths just for fun. As a native San Franciscan, I feel like I saw major historical sites in the city when I was young and now years later I’m seeing them again either because I have this renewed appreciation for my hometown or because I have friends in town who want to site-see. Either way, I think it’s a blessing when I take the time to go somewhere beautiful, even if just for an hour, to take in the view.

I’ve been trying to join Instagram meetups or Bay Area photo walks to meet some other photography and Instagram lovers and so I found out about a meet up at the Sutro Baths and just decided to go. It’s kind of an intimidating thing to do to just show up to a meet up group and meet strangers and it’s even more intimidating when you’re going by yourself. Recently, one of my friends told me about how she’s been wanting to use to meet new people but she doesn’t want to go alone. I’m getting more used to the fact that if I don’t go by myself to meetups, then I won’t go at all and I’d rather go by myself than not go at all. I just have to suck it up and do it.

So I went to Sutro Baths but then I couldn’t find the group of Instagrammers. But at least I went and the weather was really beautiful. It was around 5pm so the sun was just starting to set but it wasn’t quite golden hour yet. The sun light was hitting the water just right and it wasn’t too cold or windy. I just started snapping pictures as I walked around the ruins, and then down onto the beach, and then up some cliffs to get a bird’s eye view of everything.

sutro baths 2

The Sutro Baths were first opened in San Francisco in 1896 and was the world’s largest indoor swimming pool. It closed down for financial reasons and then as it was being demolished in the 1960s, a fire destroyed the building and resulted in the ruins as they are today. All that’s left now are walls, stairways and passageways, and a tunnel and of course some nice photo opportunities too.

sutro baths 3

Even though my Instagram meetup wasn’t successful, I’m glad I went to the bath ruins period and that I took the time to walk around, take some photos and enjoy the view. I could have just got back into my car and went home after not finding the group but I stayed and have some sweet photos to remember the day.

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