Saturday Morning on the Pont des Arts

Pont des Arts

I don’t think I could ever live in New York. There are so many people everywhere that it can be overwhelming and all I want is quiet. I was there last week for work and I was working on a Saturday and when I got up early to go get breakfast, the streets were silent with only a few people walking around. And then I got a cab to go to work and I drove past more empty streets and there was no traffic and no cars honking and that was just peaceful and nice.

I love it when I can visit a new city and can stroll streets devoid of people and it’s just calm. My first morning in Paris was like that. I woke up early to walk the 30 minutes or so to get to a cooking class. It was a Saturday morning so not a lot of people were out or businesses open and I took the Rue Bonaparte straight all the way to the Seine and found a cafe open to buy a croissant for breakfast. Nevermind the class I was going to was going to teach me how to make six different kinds of croissants that I would consume afterwards.

Across the street from the cafe was the Pont des Arts which I never visited the first time I came to Paris so I was excited to finally see it, especially since I saw it on Parks and Recreation a few months before and I wanted to find Ben and Leslie’s lock! Unfortunately, I didn’t find the lock maybe because someone stole it or so I read but I found something else – an incredible view. The bridge is usually bustling with people taking photos or attaching a lock but at this hour there were only a few people browsing the messages of love. The sun was shining on the river and the skies were clear and I stood there looking at the view, eating the last bites of my croissant, getting pieces of flaky pastry caught in my hair, and smiling because I thought, “Yep. This is nice. Now I’m in Paris.”

Pont des Arts

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