Some Of My Favorite Travel Photographs

I have been back home now for about a year and a half and I am finally just getting around to organizing all of my photographs into a photo album. I don’t want to only keep them on my computer. I want to do the pictures justice and present them in a nice album not just for my self but for all of my family and friends. Work and just plain old procrastination got in the way of me actually doing anything about all of these pictures or maybe I was just intimidated by the massive number of them that¬† I had to organize.

Not only did I have about 800 of my own pictures but my travel mates, Liz and Krissy, had about 2,000 pictures between them that I wanted to sift through and pick and choose for keeping.  Every time I look at a certain picture, I remember every little detail of the day. I remember what the girls and I did that day, what the weather was like, the people we met, the food we ate, and the jokes we laughed about. It amazes me that I can do that but it is actually very easy to do when the memory is one of the best of your life. Below are just some of the thousands of pictures I have from my trip. They are some of my favorites because it seemed to me they were the perfect moments where quietness, beauty and just the right light converged at one point.

Brighton pier

edinburgh scotland

geneva switzerland

hampton court palace

southern ireland

Europe 402 (600 x 450)

ile de frioul

prague metro

oia santorini

venice italy

yorkshire england


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