Stretching My Legs in Sydney

Lavendar Bay

I arrived in Sydney at 6:30 AM after a non-stop 14-hour flight which involved very little sleep. Thankfully, my friend Sasha and her husband Chase had blueberry pancakes, eggs, and coffee on the table at their apartment in North Sydney.

After a few hours of rest on their comfy blue couch, we all headed out for a long walk under and over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We walked to the bridge from their house, around Lavender Bay, past Luna Park, up the steps of the enormous bridge, and finally across the structure, all the while taking in my first of many beautiful views of the bay, the Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney skyline.

Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House

View from Harbour Bridge

After a long flight, it was a welcome relief to stretch my legs, breathe the fresh air, and get some much needed Vitamin D. With a new city before me, I wasn’t so tired anymore.

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