Book Review: I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You

courtney maum

Over the last few months, I’ve read a handful of memoirs and contemporary fiction where travel and locales play a major role in the story. So I’ll have some book reviews to come that I think are great armchair travel reads – the perfect remedy to satiate your wanderlust when you can’t exactly leave town. First up is I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You by Courtney Maum.

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Book Review: Paris Letters

Paris Letters Book Cover

I recently read a book by Beth Kephart titled Handling the Truth: On the Writing of Memoir and in it she asks the reader to think about what draws he or she to a particular memoir. I thought about it and here’s what I wrote down:

The memoirs I like to read share a story of inspiration and make me dream and do. The writers are honest and vulnerable which I admire and they make me feel like I’m not alone. Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod fits that description perfectly.

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