Leaving the Travel Guidebook at Home


Do you cling to your copy of Frommer’s, Fodor’s or Lonely Planet guidebook while traveling in a new city or do you just wing it? I’ve done it both ways but never really thought about it until I read Franz Wisner’s funny and vulnerable memoir, Honeymoon with My Brother. Fed up with out-of-date information and being led to restaurants packed with tourists, Wisner pleads that ditching the guidebook offers a more authentic experience while traveling. I have to say I agree with him as I have converted from a guidebook devotee to a girl who wings it and I think I did it unconsciously.

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My Travel Reading List

Maybe some day when I am older or in retirement, I can be like Nina Sankovitch and vow to read one book a day for 365 days. When I was little, I read everything in sight from the Nancy Drew series to The Little House on the Prairie. I especially loved the box of The Baby-Sitter’s Club books that my mom’s friend gave to me. I would sometimes read one a day just like Nina.

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