Book Review: The Kindness of Strangers

Kindness of strangers book cover

I knew that traveling solo for the first time would open up opportunities to meet new people but I also knew there would be moments of alone time and Lonely Planet’s The Kindness of Strangers was the perfect companion in those instances. The anthology is edited by much loved travel writer Don George and features essays from greats such as Rolf Potts, Pico Iyer, and Tim Cahill but also features new and talented writers like Fran Palumbo, Sarah Levin, and Laurie McAndish King.

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My Top 5 Attractions in Copenhagen, Denmark


My only regret after visiting Copenhagen was that I didn’t spend enough time in this cultured and vibrant city. A friend described Copenhagen as “bohemian chic” and once I saw the town with my own two eyes I could easily compare it to Amsterdam with its beautiful canals and expert bike infrastructure, which is quickly becoming the standard infrastructure that cities from all over the world look up to. I felt casual and carefree in Copenhagen. There were colorful buildings to gaze at, wide open expanses to lounge, and cobblestone streets at every turn to blissfully get lost. Copenhagen definitely has its charms and here are five of them worth seeing whether your trip is as short as mine was or if you are lucky enough to have a little more time to explore.

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