Munich for the Weekend: The English Garden and Cafe Luitpold


I love strolling through a beautiful park in Europe. So the English Garden in Munich was my absolute must-do activity while in town for the weekend. What I love about a park stroll is the peace and quiet you find even though you may be smack dab in the middle of a busy city and the fresh air, greenery, and exercise is just plain good for the soul.

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Munich for the Weekend: Viktualien Market


This past October I went to Germany for the Frankfurt Book Fair, and lucky for me I flew there a few days early to enjoy a weekend in Munich. I suggest you tack on a vacation day or two to a work trip any chance you get. I had heard many good things about Munich and I thought two days seemed like the perfect amount of time to get to know a little bit about this city. On Saturday morning, my first thing to do was head to Viktualien Market.

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The Road Less Traveled

Sachsenhausen camp

When we think of day trips, we usually think of light and fun and happy. We don’t think of concentration camps. When I arrived in Berlin for a few days, visiting a concentration camp was the last thing on my mind but the hostel my friends and I were staying at had an offer for a day trip to Oranienburg, the site of the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp during the Holocaust. We knew it wouldn’t be the most pleasant day trip but we thought this was an opportunity that deserved our attention.

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