A Memory from Chania and a Granola Recipe

Coconut Almond Granola

I recently baked delicious granola – enough to fill a jar and have for breakfast everyday. I’m always in a rush in the morning when I get ready for work and wanted to make breakfast ahead of time to save me some minutes in the a.m. The Coconut Almond Granola recipe below is super easy to make and I love topping it with yogurt and blueberries or strawberries.

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What Was Your Happiest Travel Day?

My happiest travel day was…

I never gave much thought to finishing this sentence until I went to the Book Passage Travel Writer’s & Photographer’s Conference last year. I was given a writing assignment to finish this sentence and just keep writing for 10 minutes without stopping. I didn’t know what my happiest day was before that assignment but ever since the timer went off I haven’t been able to forget my day in Santorini, Greece:

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