My First Minutes in London

London Bridge

I was sure I was going to keel over right then and there in the customs line. I was hot and nauseous and the line was moving at a snails place that I didn’t know if I was going to actually make it onto the Heathrow Express. When it was finally my turn in line, the desk agent took just a few seconds to check my passport and BUNAC work visa and with a smirk, reminded me to write the day’s date in reverse from now on – 7th of September 2007, not September 7th, 2007.

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Are You a Leader or a Follower When You Travel?

I used to be the kind of traveler who relied on friends or family or whoever I was traveling with to make the plans and get us to and from our destination. While living in London a few years ago, my friends, Liz and Krissy, and I planned an upcoming two month trip through Europe together but one of us took the lead in booking hostels and finding flights and that one person wasn’t me.

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