New York Eats in February 2016


Don’t be fooled by the sunny skies in the above photo. The sun may have been shining but it was super cold in New York when I visited a few weeks ago for work. I have a couple sets of thermal clothes that only see the light of day when I go to the Big Apple this time of year and those garments coupled with the good food I seek out helps me feel better about the weather. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a California wimp, okay? Here are some of the places where I found some good eats in New York.

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Photo Essay: My Travels in 2015


The year 2015 has gone by so fast but I say that about every year. My travels this year, whether for work or play, have all been great and there have been a few milestones too that have meant a lot to me. Also, it’s a personal goal of mine to visit at least one new place every year, whether near or far, and I am happy to say that I met that goal and then some. Here’s a look back at my year of travels. It’s so nice to see everything that has happened and I’m already looking forward to more adventures in 2016.

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New York Eats in May 2015

Flatiron building

So May was a busy month for eating. After my trips to Italy (which I have yet to write about), Texas, and most recently New York, I’m scaling back on the food and indulging in some exercise but if you know me I definitely don’t deprive myself of the sweets! The last week of the month I went to New York again for work but this time my cousin joined me. This was her first trip to New York so she got to play tourist during the day while I worked and then we would meet up for breakfasts or dinners. I also got to visit with my good friend from college and my other cousin and the weather was pretty good. We were spared from the rain and we dined. Here are all the delicious things I ate.

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New York Eats in February 2015

Last week I went to New York for work with a little bit of fear because I’m a big California wimp when it comes to freezing east coast weather. However, one thing I always look forward to when I go to the Big Apple is trying new restaurants. I keep a running list of places I want to try and you can check out some of them on my Afar trip plan. Here are the places I ate at during my trip last week.

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Now I Know What Winter Feels Like

New York

I just got back from an unexpected long week in New York. I was supposed to go for just a few days for work but a storm blew in on Thursday and I had to stay an extra three days. It was the biggest storm and worst travel day of of the season in New York making it difficult to find an earlier flight or one that made sense. I’ve face delayed flights before but never a delay as long as the one this past week.

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Book Review: My First New York

My First New York

Currently reading My First New York. Adapted from a New York Magazine cover story, various actors, artists, writers, political figures, comedians, and chefs share their first experiences of living in New York City from the 1930s to the present day. I’ve always played with the idea of moving to New York, even if only just for a year, just to have the experience and say I did it but I don’t know if a California girl like me could handle the Big Apple.

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Brooklyn Cats & Bookstores


No matter what city I’m in, I’m always drawn to their bookstores. I just love to go in and browse for a few minutes and feel some comfort. Brooklyn’s Spoonbill & Sugartown bookstore on Bedford Ave. was no exception. It’s small and well-stocked and in the midst of restaurants, cafes, and clothing stores. The bookstore is known to have the best bookstore cat and the place was recently featured on HBO’s popular show Girls.

The Best Bagel in New York (Contenders welcome)


Before leaving New York, I needed a true New York bagel. Ess-a-Bagel was the answer to my prayers (of course I’m sure anyone will argue there is a better bagel out there and suggestions are welcome here!) My toasted sesame seed bagel with plain cream cheese was made to order by some witty and genuine locals. Any California bagel I eat from now on will pale in comparison.