New York Eats in February 2015

Last week I went to New York for work with a little bit of fear because I’m a big California wimp when it comes to freezing east coast weather. However, one thing I always look forward to when I go to the Big Apple is trying new restaurants. I keep a running list of places I want to try and you can check out some of them on my Afar trip plan. Here are the places I ate at during my trip last week.

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Now I Know What Winter Feels Like

New York

I just got back from an unexpected long week in New York. I was supposed to go for just a few days for work but a storm blew in on Thursday and I had to stay an extra three days. It was the biggest storm and worst travel day of of the season in New York making it difficult to find an earlier flight or one that made sense. I’ve face delayed flights before but never a delay as long as the one this past week.

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Book Review: My First New York

My First New York

Currently reading My First New York. Adapted from a New York Magazine cover story, various actors, artists, writers, political figures, comedians, and chefs share their first experiences of living in New York City from the 1930s to the present day. I’ve always played with the idea of moving to New York, even if only just for a year, just to have the experience and say I did it but I don’t know if a California girl like me could handle the Big Apple.

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