Photo Walk at the Sutro Baths

sutro baths

I don’t remember the last time I went to the Sutro Baths just for fun. As a native San Franciscan, I feel like I saw major historical sites in the city when I was young and now years later I’m seeing them again either because I have this renewed appreciation for my hometown or because I have friends in town who want to site-see. Either way, I think it’s a blessing when I take the time to go somewhere beautiful, even if just for an hour, to take in the view.

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Taking the Same Photo Twice

Eiffel Tower

It’s so easy to spot a tourist in San Francisco. Especially in the summer months when it’s not really summer. Tourists are the ones who are wearing t-shirts and shorts and flip flops when it’s 50 or 60 degrees outside and the fog is everywhere and brings a light mist and rain. They also have really big cameras that hang around their necks. I can’t blame them for bringing the camera though because that’s what I do when I visit a new city. I’m snap-happy and take photos of everything.

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