The Landscape of Cafe Sperl

Cafe Sperl


It was golden inside or rather a musty glow. A round gold cashier table greeted us at the door. Antique dark wooden tables and chairs, the latter cushioned in velvet, stood up against the large square windows all around the cafe. More tables with booths attached lined the walls with enormous mirrors framed in gold hanging overhead and crystal chandeliers dangling from the ceiling. Rich tapestries of reds and golds covered the walls and a deep red plush carpet with golden swirls was the floor.

We came here in the late morning after an overnight train ride where we didn’t get much sleep. The colors and the glow and the dim and the sparkle  of the cafe all blurred together because we were tired and a little bit hungry so we came here to relax and to have some Viennese coffe and a light bite to eat.

I focused on the richness and antiquity of the cafe because it was unlike any coffee shop I had been to before and it was also a memorable place where the girls and I talked about our relationships with our siblings, something we had never discussed before even though we had been living and traveling together everyday for the last six months or so. No matter how much time we spent with each other, we always found something new to talk about and therefore something new to learn about each other.

I felt the same way about Cafe Sperl. It was such a beautiful place with so many nooks and crannies, trinkets, colors, and personality – so much complexity – that I think if I were to have coffee there everyday I would discover something new on each visit that would make me appreciate and love the place even more.

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