The Perfect Fondue Dinner on Geneva’s Waterfront


A hot and heaping pot of Gruyère, a basket of sliced sourdough bread, and a glass of white wine – this is all you really need for the perfect fondue dinner in Geneva. Buvettes des Bains has all three ingredients. A popular restaurant on the Bain des Paquis, a popular beach in downtown Geneva, my friends and I had to have some fondue before we left town no matter that it was late March and hardly beach weather.

Buvettes des Bains lies right on the dock of Lake Geneva so the view from the restaurant windows more than made up for the weather. We ordered our pot of Gruyère and sat down at a table. We were eating early so it was empty save for a small family sitting nearby but that made the experience seem all our own. The waitress brought over a red pot of Gruyère and placed it on a burner to keep the cheese bubbling. The pot seemed endless but before we knew it every piece of the fresh and fluffy sourdough bread in the accompanying weave basket was soaked up with the warm and rich cheese. We were practically scraping the bottom of the pot trying to salvage every last bit.

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I didn’t think we could feel full after a dinner of just bread and cheese but it was certainly enough. The waitress brought over small cups of fruit salad and of course we had glasses of white wine to wash everything down. The meal far exceeded my expectations and I am going to have to do my best to recreate my own fondue at home until I can go back to Buvettes des Bains for part deux.

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  1. yummm. I think I’ve eaten there! I lived in Montreux, Switzerland for a semester and often traveled to Lausanne and Geneva. Were you living or traveling there?

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