I Traveled Solo for the First Time!


I never thought I could travel solo but I just did. I just came back from a two week visit to Stockholm and Copenhagen and Scandinavia is wonderful and I proved to myself that I could travel solo.

I’m glad I went rather than stay at home because I didn’t have anyone to go with. Friends and family had conflicting schedules and tour groups were out of my budget but I knew at least one person in both Stockholm and Copenhagen so that was reason enough to buy my ticket and make this trip happen. I’ve been prone to letting hesitation, fear, or excuses get in the way of traveling across the pond but not this time.

I guess I was determined to travel somewhere far so I could take a breather. The last six months have been busy what with a full time job, part time graduate studies, trips to Denver, L.A. and San Diego, and time with family and friends. I felt consumed by a never ending to do list and a trip abroad seemed like the perfect remedy to slow down and get some perspective.

I was definitely nervous to travel solo and had a million things running through my mind but I also though that traveling alone would actually be perfect right now. I could take time out for myself and that meant unplugging from my smartphone and laptop and only carrying a backpack with the essentials. I saw the trip as a challenge that I had to take on at least once to see what I was capable of on my own.

It turns out I’m pretty capable and learned some important things along the way too. I’ll be sharing my stories and photos in the coming weeks and months, but for now check out some of the useful posts I read while I prepared for my trip. If you are thinking about traveling solo or traveling to Scandinavia, these reads are helpful!

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8 thoughts on “I Traveled Solo for the First Time!

  1. How exciting! I absolutely loved Stockholm–and I went for many of the same reasons as you–simply because I wanted to go somewhere new and couldn’t find anyone to go with me! What did you think of the city? Even though it was freezing when I was there, I’m still dying to go back!

    1. Thanks Christine! I loved Stockholm for all of the islands. I made a point to visit each one and visited all the neighborhoods as well. It was a little rainy but it didn’t put a damper on anything. I loved the Old Town and the new photography museum, Fotografiska. What did you love?

  2. Love hearing stories of travelers finding new experiences like this. I had never traveled much solo until I did it almost exclusively for 8 months and there was a real freedom to it. I like traveling with others, but I’ve really come to love traveling solo. It really pushes me out of my comfort zone. Good read and look forward to reading more about it Joya!

    1. Thanks Spencer! I’m looking forward to writing more about the trip too. I definitely felt like I could make my own schedule and take my time as opposed to when I traveled with friends before. Slowing down was a challenge but I needed it!

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