Traveling Between’s Things of Note #6

things of note

Welcome to another edition of Traveling Between’s Things of Note! I’ll share a roundup of links to things I’m readingwatchingeating, or listening to – the sky’s the limit really. Some of my favorite blogs share these roundups and I always find something interesting to read or watch so I wanted to do the same thing in this space and hopefully you’ll find something you like to read or watch too. So here we go!


Watching the new Coldplay documentary and loving their music all over again.


Adding this book to my ‘to-read’ list!


Getting inspired by this woman to write thank you notes.


Watching the founder of Tom’s announce some very amazing news.


Looking forward to a new site from Girlboss for all the Girlbosses out there.


Watching Veep for some laughs.


Reading Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald and feelin’ all Gatsby-ish.


Making this Tiramisu recipe for maybe the 10th time and it never disappoints.

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