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What was I most excited about for my first solo trip? Pure simplicity. For me, simplicity meant that for two weeks I would travel with no laptop, no smartphone, and just a backpack with the essentials. Just thinking about it made me relax instantly and I couldn’t wait for my trip to start.

I’m on a computer all day at work and it doesn’t stop when I get home. I’m in grad school and take classes online so I have to use my computer after work too. I love my Droid but I have the unfortunate habit of checking my phone every few minutes for messages, tweets, and emails.  These devices are fine and good because they keep me connected to a career and passion that I love but at some point my head will explode if I don’t take a break from them.

So I decided to stop everything while I traveled through Stockholm and Copenhagen and only pack the essentials. While I brought a standard voice/text only cell phone for emergencies, instead of a laptop I had my Moleskine journal and instead of a smartphone I had a copy of Lonely Planet’s The Kindness of Strangers (Loved!). I only packed a few pieces of clothing into a  tiny backpack so I wouldn’t have to think about extraneous items and just put on a t-shirt and jeans and step out the door.

Eliminating the distractions was a challenge but I’m glad I did it because it gave me the chance to really be alone and take a time out for myself. I sat at a cafe every morning eating pastries, sipping coffee, and watching the scene around me. I took long walks along lakes, over canals, around islands and through parks and if I felt like sitting down for a half hour I did that.

Without distractions I learned that I don’t always need to be doing something or accumulating things and that I can and should be still. It’s a perspective I am grateful for as a never ending to-do list was bogging me down at home and prevented me from enjoying the view in front of me. Now back in the Bay Area I am slowing down. Yes, I am back at my laptop and always have my Droid with me but I am only taking on what I can handle knowing that it is not the end of the world if I can’t do everything I want. I am writing this on a Sunday afternoon in bed because this is all I want to do today and I can see myself taking time out for more simplicity just like this in the near and distant future.

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7 thoughts on “Traveling Simple While Traveling Solo

  1. Love love love it. So agree on all levels. Read a paper book! Write things down! Don’t care where your next internet fix is coming from! Just enjoy the moment and don’t worry about the next:-)

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca! I read your blog and can see you definitely agree. Doing all those things you mentioned made it true break from the tech world and gave me some breathing time.

  2. Verizon lets you rent global phones for short-term travel and offer inexpensive rates so I highly recommend it. Taking a break from the tech world is a breath of fresh air in and of itself and it was so great. I’m glad you like my posts and thanks for visiting!

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