What a Difference a Year Makes

Gamla Stan

When I was in Stockholm in 2011, I was sharing a room in a hostel with three girls and it turned out that one of the girls, Jen, worked for the same company as me at the time just in different locations and we didn’t realize it until a couple days after when we decided to venture out together to find a restaurant for dinner.

When we got back to our hostel, our other roommates were back in the room, one girl was from Japan and one girl was from South Korea. We all started talking about where we were from and what we were doing on our travels and I don’t know how we got to this topic but we started talking about how you find true love or how you find your soulmate. Jen was a little pessimistic about the whole thing and didn’t believe she would end up with anyone and I tried to give her a little confidence but our roommate from South Korea did a far better job of changing Jen’s mood. She said and I’m paraphrasing:

I asked my priest how will I know I have found my fate or the person that I love? And the priest said that God will make him appear and has made him especially for you. God will put so much love between you that you cannot escape no matter how hard you try and it will just be meant to be.

I was so amazed by this girl and her words. She spoke with so much conviction and faith and after all this time  I’ve never forgotten what she said. A little over a year later and a couple months ago, I was on Facebook and saw that Jen had posted that she just got married. I immediately thought of our conversation in the hostel in Stockholm and felt incredibly happy for her. I told her so and congratulated her and she replied back that she couldn’t believe how much had happened in a year.

What a difference a year makes.

At home, I’ve certainly realized how much can happen in a year. I’ve happily taken on a new job and new family members but changes can be even more apparent to you when you travel. What a difference a day makes, an hour, a minute. Whenever you travel, there is always a new person to meet or an experience that completely turns you around and those encounters or incidents always happen unexpectedly. Sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re bad but either way they’re supposed to happen. And luckily they stay with you so you can always look back and appreciate what transpired.

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