Where the Flowers Aren’t the Only Things in Bloom


Spring isn’t just about the rains ceasing and the flowers blooming, its about starting things anew. This is actually a direct quote from my brother who wanted me to make sure I put it in here. He is an over the top baseball fan, one of many that don’t just watch the green grass grow this time of year.

Baseball lovers go to Arizona, and particularly Giants fans go to Scottsdale Stadium in Scottsdale, to watch their teams in spring training – to watch them start the season with a clean slate and prepare for their best year yet.

My brothers, big Giants fans, love spring training for many reasons which they were quick to fill me in on. Spring training is a guys trip for them but that doesn’t mean the stadium is filled with just testosterone. The girls love baseball too and families spend time together with their little ones scurrying up to the walls waiting for an autograph from their favorite player. People from all over the country come to Arizona – from the mid-west, the south, and the east coast. No matter where spectators come from though, strangers are not strangers anymore when they start to discuss teams they are betting on to pull through this season or players who look like they will have a good year this year.

Some people don’t even need to talk or actually watch the game. They are content to just lay on the grass, soaking up the suns rays, and just listen to the sounds of the game – the crack as the bat and the ball collide and the slap of the ball into a well-oiled mitt.  The weather in Scottsdale in spring is just right, not too cold and not too hot, which is the perfect temperature for a polish sausage with sauerkraut and spicy mustard with a side of pretzels and a Coors light. The food at a baseball game is the cherry on top – its kick back and relax food.

Scottsdale Stadium is one place I have not been to but after hearing my brothers talk about it, it might just become my new favorite spring activity come next March.

Have you been to Spring Training in Scottsdale? If so, what did you love about it the most?


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